Pro Lighting Kit


Pro Lighting Kit is a super simple way to show off your assets in an awesome way in UE4.  Choose between 7 different lighting scenarios and customize your backdrops to get the look you want for your renders.  

Must use version 4.25.4 or newer for your Unreal Engine 4 project to load properly.

Pack Includes:

- UE4 Scene with 7 baked lighting scenario rigs

- 7 custom HDRI Panoramas

- 4 Textures for Area Lights

- Backdrop model with normal map texture and easily manipulated material instances for color tinting

- Tutorial video on how to get the most out of the tool

Release Notes

-Added an additional lighting scenario/panorama for a neutral studio look.

-Updated/replaced area light textures and added two additional ones.

-Updated exposure settings to use UE4's new exposure system.

-Must use engine 4.25.4 or newer for it to work.

-Please watch videos that accompany the kit to get the most of out of it, and install it correctly.

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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